The oil inside your engine is the lifeblood that lubricates and cleans crucial engine parts. Many people make the mistake of classifying engine oil as a lubricating agent alone, but the opposite holds true especially in today’s modern age of metallurgy and chemistry. The engine oil is also capable of cleaning various moving parts inside the engine and lifts off dirt, grime and sludge to improve performance. It is then important to know the answer to the question so

The Importance of Engine Oil For Car Care

many ask, how many quarts of oil does my car need as oil levels are just as important as the type of oil you decide to use?orgThis is the reason why it’s crucial to always check the oil and other car fluids before each trip, especially on long journeys. There are many of kinds of engine oil sold in the market and they come in mineral, semi synthetic and full synthetic forms. The type of oil to use will depend on a variety of factors such as the prevailing weather and the type of car you drive. High performance, high compression engines are better suited to use fully synthetic oil as this is more resilient to extreme heat and pressure. Mineral oil is enough for most cars but a semi-synthetic blend presents the best compromise in terms of engine cleaning,