eye health nutritionThe so-called special nutrients are a group of elements represented by units such as tryptophan, arabinogalactan and lutein. The latter component discussed in today: Lutein is basically a yellow fat-soluble pigment corresponding to the carotenoid family. Can be found in organisms such as algae and other higher plants (also located in various types of bacteria). Lutein, like many of these special nutrients, produces large effects on human health its primary role being to contribute fully in the prevention of different types of pathologies of the ocular system.

“Our bodies need a number of special nutrients to properly complete a number of tasks. In the case of lutein, it is easy to consume because it is found in vegetables and other foods commonly consumed, it is essential for vision care and reduce the chances of suffering from different diseases unrelated to the loss of one of the most important senses. Currently, lutein is in the process of study with good results as they have found other benefits, while still being asserted by empirical data, consumption relate to an improvement in the overall condition of the skin and other organs of the body “says a health care professional.

With respect to the properties of lutein, as we said this is a fat-soluble nutrient, meaning that their absorption is reduced when taken from plants devoid of fat (ranging between 38 and 45%). On their roles in the scheme of man, we like to highlight some help protect the retina against ultraviolet lights, prevent vision loss and slow the aging eye, eyeball to strengthen and improve the quality of vision. In addition, lutein is regarded as a great antioxidant, another great contribution to human health in the case of consumption.

The foods in which we find interesting dose of lutein include corn, parsley, watercress, cabbage, lettuce, egg yolk, broccoli and spinach, among others.

Other methods of obtaining lutein is by culturing the microalgae Muriellopsis that can be used as an additive in food (organic dye, for example).

Lutein is, as you saw in the preliminary lines, a great method to improve nutrition and, together with that exercise, prevention of degenerative eye diseases.