Coffee and The Effects It Has On Your BodyThe smell of coffee brewing can surely awaken the senses. When I was young, just the smell of freshly brewed coffee would draw me from the comforts of my bed in the early morning. After sipping my first cup when I was older is when the effects of coffee really began to kick in.

There are definite physical effects of coffee on your body. A cup of freshly brewed java can boost the body’s alertness, improve performance and concentration. The internal organs are affected also. There is a change in the heart rate, raised blood pressure and basal metabolic rate. It also promotes urine production. Coffee can help relax muscle tension. Students have discovered these changes and use coffee while studying for an exam. Along with the students others use it also as a stimulant to get them going in the morning or keep them awake at night.

Caffeine, of course, is the main ingredient in your cup of java. Researchers have proven that a safe amount would be one or two cups a day. When more than two cups are exceeded your body may suffer the negative effects. This may include insomnia, migraines, increased or irregular heartbeat, nausea and muscle tension. Your doctor may advise you to drink less caffeine as continued extreme use may lead to ulcer or heartburn.

Pregnant women should cut back on their coffee intake or avoid it altogether since it could cause birth defects and patients with heart conditions should also avoid it due to the possibility of other health problems. There are also other substances that contain caffeine such as tea, sodas and chocolates which should also be restricted.

Having several cups of latte or espresso will not cause a person to act irrationally or become psychotic. These actions are usually associated with the use of illegal stimulants or alcohol. But caffeine can become habit forming. Those who drink it on a regular basis and suddenly stop may experience what is known as withdrawal effects that will disappear after a day or two when they are able to once again have a cup of coffee.

There are some health benefits of coffee. Coffee has been known to prevent certain diseases. Java for instance has been effective as an anti-depressant in some people. It has been thought that caffeine may lessen the chances of developing Parkinson’s disease in men even if doctors aren’t yet able to determine the cause of this disease.

Coffee has always been very popular is consumed in almost every household. Today the drive thru coffee house has become a convenient way to get your morning fix. Imported java can be purchased from the local market, brewed at home or in the office. The effects it has on one person may vary with another depending on how different bodies react to the caffeine. If a person begins feeling it is affecting their health in a negative way, common sense would be to cut back on their consumption or stop altogether.