Tips to Prevent Bad BreathHow will you get rid of bad breath Quickly, Especially If There is no historical time to brush teeth? Here Are some tips to help you Prevent bad breath.

We tell you the best and Fastest tips for bad breath!

Oral Hygiene
1. brushing teeth
Of course, in the first place a sensible oral hygiene, ie the daily cleaning of the teeth with toothpaste after Every meal.

2. floss
The use of dental floss or an interdental brush Helps in between the teeth and strengthens the gums.

3. Clean the tongue
Oral hygiene includes the cleaning of the tongue. Evidence tongue emerge with a special brush to remove or normal toothbrush.

4. Electric Toothbrush
With Regard to the Thoroughness of electric toothbrushes clean your teeth dog lead to Better results.

Objective in the oral hygiene is the settlement of Harmful bacteria and periodontal pocket formation and thereby CounterAct to Prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Particularly periodontal disease leads to bad breath.

Herbs and Seeds
A temporary improvement in oral dog Environments Provide Many herbs and spices. This May Be an individual application According To Taste, But Also the cause of bad breath addresses.

5. Chew cloves
Cloves help at Aften and Inflammation in the mouth. They act Neutralizing and pain. Are Other spices cardamom, fennel and anise seed. Just chew a handful of each.

6. Chew Coffee bean
Have Problems If stomach led to bad breath, you CAN now and then to chew roasted coffee bean, it neutralized the acidic smell. Horseradish root has a similar effect.

7. Odors neutralized Parsley
You Might want to chew Against bad breath and juniper berries or fresh parsley parsley.In Makes the bad ingredient apiol for Neutralizing Odors.

8. Ginger on the tongue
If bad breath Helps Also the versatile ginger. Place a thin slice of fresh ginger on the tongue. The essential oils freshen breath, ginger Also Alleviate digestive disorders.

9. Lemon for more saliva
Also CAN OCCUR Bad Breath Because of too little saliva. To Stimulate saliva flow Just a few drops of lemon drops on the tongue And Then drink mineral water.

10. Rinse with water
With a bad taste and smell, it Helps to rinse your mouth properly. Quite simply you CAN use water. Thus, food debris and washed away or at least Evidence reduced. But You Can Also use rinses with additives.

11. Rinse with salt water
One of the Simplest But Also MOST Effective irrigation is to rinse with salt water or is salt.Dissolve the morning and evening after brushing in warm salt water and after cleaning the mouth rinse and gargle. Especially for small revile or Aften, this flushing speed healing, Because you reduce the number of it Harmful bacteria in the mouth Without the normal flora, ie damage “to beneficial bacteria.

12. Sage and chamomile
Also good Against bad breath and sores in the mouth act sage and camomile tea. From These You Can Also treat yourself to a day or two cups of hesitation. Chamomile in the form of chamomile extract CAN Also be Used for rinsing with warm water

13. Basil Tea
Basil tea is Some Getting Used to bad breath. Also I have to Disinfecting effect. Take a small handful of basil leaves and sprinkle Them with boiling water. Fifteen minutes dog drag And Then strain through to coffee filter. Similarly, You Can Also choose from a parsley tea to wash cook.

14. Rinse with lemon juice
Another classic of the mouthwash is a mixture of lemon juice and water. Mix the juice of half a lemon with a glass of water, rinse with this mixture and gargle.Recommended Then the mouth and only if you have any revile in the mouth, Which Can Be irritated by the acid.

15. Mouthwash with tea tree oil
A sharp mouthwash también remove from water and Few drops of tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is one of the essential oils and has a strong anti-bacterial. But beware: Those Who Frequently used for flushing, the damages “normal flora of the oral mucosa.

16. Flushing of olive or sesame oil
There Is Also The Possibility for bad breath with virgin olive oil or sesame oil flush. This Will Be Done on an empty stomach. The oil, the Living Conditions of the bacteria in the mouth Are altered, so That They Do Not proliferate as much. Take one tablespoon of olive or sesame oil Into the mouth and move the liquid one to two minutes.

17. Hydrogen peroxide
A good Disinfectant solution for Inflammation in the mouth, the bacteria reduced, you CAN make with hydrogen peroxide. Dilute to a Three Percent hydrogen peroxide solution at a ratio of 1:10 with water. The only solution is for rinsing and Should Not Be drunk. Hydrogen peroxide, You Can take to bleach the teeth, It Will Be Given A Few drops on the toothbrush and brushed Their teeth.Rinse the brush thoroughly. Applications of hydrogen peroxide Both Should Be Done only Occasionally, Otherwise As They Disrupt the normal flora.

Often, bad breath is Caused by poor diet. So It Goes Without Saying That raw garlic you cause bad breath. But coffee, alcohol and nicotine Are Among the polluters and Should Be Enjoyed only limited. Becoming acidic coffee while your mouth, while alcohol dries out the mucous membranes.

18. Neutralize with water Coffee
Over coffee as an antidote Often Helps to drink a glass of water events, the acids Are neutralized by the coffee.

19. Always drink enough
Water, is so important to the saliva. Who drinks enough, you have more saliva, and this Prevents the Accumulation of food waste and the location of bacteria. Helps Prevent Drinking enough so the bad breath.

20. Chewing gum for saliva
A chewing gum May Stimulate the Need to reduce the acidity of saliva and in saliva.

21. Orange juice
Who can eat a diet less, Suffer from bad breath. Orange juice, freshly squeezed Preferably helps, here come the body back balance and Also Into Satisfies hunger.

22. Black tea inhibits Growth of bacteria
In an American study, a similar effect with black tea WAS Achieved. Various This contains polyphenols, theaflavin inhibits Which of the Malthus Growth of bacteria and the production of hydrogen sulfide.