Finance, economics, are the activities related to capital flows and money from individuals, corporations or States. By extension, also called finance the study of these activities as a specialty of Economics and Management [1] [2] [3] which studies the acquisition and management by a company, individual or state, of funds needs to meet its objectives and criteria that has its assets. In other words, studies concerning the collection and management of money and other securities such as stocks, bonds, etc.

Finance seek, therefore, the conditions and opportunity in making up the capital, the use of this and payments and interest charged to cash transactions.
[Edit] The concept of finance

They are a branch of economics that addresses the issue related to transactions and management of financial instruments by individuals, businesses, governments and generally any organization. Refer to the way financial resources are obtained. The way it is spent or invested, lost or profitable. Therefore, the expanded concept of finance is a science, using mathematical models, provides the tools to optimize the material resources of businesses and individuals.

The administration or management of money or capital, today has become a profession, an art form by the inherent complexity of an environment teeming myriad of variables and elements. The techniques and ways to acquire and manage money are becoming more complex, more demanding.

The finance function is concerned with two fundamental aspects: to determine the resources needed to get resources and then allocate them efficiently to the various multiple uses and alternative within the enterprise. In other words, try to get money and credit at the lowest possible cost to achieve their maximum performance or value for money.

Finance study various aspects and elements related to the process of obtaining and managing money or capital. Finance seek to improve the sources from which you get money and seeks to optimize its use, which can result in spending or investment.

That is why in finance distinguishes well between investment in an asset that retains and even potentiates the money, and just spending that only leads to the disappearance of money. The study of finance is very complex because they are closely related to a host of factors such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, economic policy, psychology, sociology, culture, and other aspects that are either affect or influence in the decisions made by humans in terms of money. That is why in finance is not all laws, rules or parameters are universal,