International Bazaar 2011 part 2 118

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Kids Clothing redfish taps into the Courageous nature of children. Children demonstrate courage Everyday – from Asking questions and Trying new foods to meeting friends, going to school and even making room for new siblings. Locally made and 100% sweatshop-free, redfish Kids Clothing was created as a symbol of our commitment to children and a celebration of Their courage, Bravery and unlimited potential to shape the future of our world.

Designed and constructed for growth, movement, and versatility, the simple lines of redfish Kids Clothing Are Easily layered and worn together. Using durable, pre-washed materials, redfish Kids Clothing kids Satisfies need for comfort while addressing mom’s need for durability, design and value.

Built with the highest standards, redfish Kids Clothing is created to transform and Endure with growing boys and girls. Pants changed from shorts, a swing dress Becomes a Smock, and best of all siblings share cans EACH other’s clothes.

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