Yamaha YZF-R1 (2006)

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The documentation required is that you describe: Invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, bills of lading, the BL, the document of the office and you have left to clear the form of payment.
I would not trust to pay in advance, so I propose as payment by irrevocable letter of credit from a recognized bank Spanish. In this way, you ensure that the bank will not pay until all documentation is in order and shipped as they know they will charge as do their part.
It is a safe means of payment for both, since you know that they have met and the provider know you have secured payment by the bank.
nachotzs, wondering Business Users
That is the BL, and what is the customs document? refers to the output document from Chinese customs?
regarding the payment no problem because we will go there to see the bikes before, that certainly will be a Yamaha R1 and R6
one more thing, we will be able to enroll here? (I would note WELL THIS BECAUSE IF ALL GOES WELL IN THIS AGREEMENT, WE DO THE IMPORT OF THE SAME)
and if so what is the necessary documentation?
nachotzs expert responding in Business
The BL is the “Board Loading”, or charging document, necessary to be satisfied that the goods have been loaded. The customs document I refer to issuing the Spanish customs for import. In the case of goods from the EU or from third countries is different. I called SAD for non-European countries and must be issued by the company that made the import (the shipping company or air carrier as appropriate), but will your business name and accompanies the BL.
If you buy through irrevocable letter of credit, the bank usually on contracts already require that the contents of these documents as if they can not be filled, is that the product does not meet specifications to be imported into Europe and also gives you the BL ensuring that the shipping company or aérera actually doing it loaded.

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