Human eye.

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Today, most of us, whether at home, at school, in an Internet or at work spent several if not many, hours in front of the PC monitor. These extended stay at the screens produce various visual disturbances:

-Visual fatigue


-Blurred vision, both near and far

-Dry eyes

-Feeling of heaviness in the eyelids

-Eye redness

The three main problems are caused by:

Eye-fatigue is a result of holding for a long time staring at the monitor, it requires the vision to accommodate a short distance through the contraction of the muscles of the lens, resulting in the fatigue, which is also known as asthenopia.

“The redness is caused by a dilation of the veins of the eye that occurs as a result of the sustained effort of the eyeball. This in turn causes blurred vision and difficulty focusing.

Over-drying, it must be said that often is produced by heating and air conditioning that are in homes and places of work. The eye’s natural tears are not enough to lubricate the eye and thus produces the annoying dry eye.

Tips for a relaxed view

-Keep your eyes moisturized: step flashing and use artificial tears to prevent dry eye, if necessary.

-Use filters to screen anti-glare and anti-radiation on the PC.

-Place the monitor about 50 cm away.

“Working with a screen resolution that demands effort to focus funds and avoid bright color screen.

-Do short breaks every 15 minutes or half an hour, take your eyes off the screen and direct the other way, focusing on objects that are farther away.

“It is advisable to use regular bucket seats for height and tilt.

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