In winter, there is no reason to take the bike if you take action. Those are the basics that are considered to drive safely, regardless of weather conditions are:

The first thing you should do, the bike is ready for winter. Although each engine has its own stuff, there is a basic service and a tire pressure slightly lower voltage and to improve the damping torque. One might think that this precision is lost in the racing line, and it is true, but if the soil moist, especially traction. Another important step is to verify the chain of many, because in winter, the rain washes the clothes of fat increases. Of course, make sure your tires are in good condition because its design is essential to enhancing security in the event of rain or snow.

On the other hand, it is good to know that the accessories to avoid accidents when it rains, snow or freezing of aid. Dealers who usually attends brakes for super-scooter, Honda and BMW, stop more safely. We also recommend the ABS “gadget” to prevent wheel lock if you lose traction. As explained in the article “Tips for cycling is not cool, very useful, often in the BMW, electric fists, hands, loss of sensitivity are avoided. In addition, there are heated seats and backs.

Once on the road, it should be clear that the way you will not be the same as in fine weather. The basic steps must be kept more distance from other vehicles, not to make sudden movements when passing or accelerating and avoid walking on the lines on the floor, painted or drains, and drag a lot. With us, it’s a good idea to exploit the gaps in dashed lines. We also need to know when driving is more dangerous right when it starts to rain, because rain mixed with grease and dust and therefore slippery asphalt. When it snows, it may seem safer to follow the tracks left by cars, but rather because in these areas is the ice that is made even more dangerous than snow.

Basic operations such as braking, cornering or accelerating change, when the asphalt is wet. If you do not have the distribution system said the braking force must stop with two wheels at a time, at least in sport bikes, which is not normal, especially to stop the front wheel maintain traction. For guidance, we can say that applied, 60% of the braking force front and 40% rear. Another basic rule is to be avoided at all times that the wheel lock.

Around a curve, it must be considered with a holistic and more, but slowly. No need to take curves at high speed to avoid stop and prevent prevent the bike too far. Finally, we need to accelerate very gently, with a longer development with a smaller crown, in addition to always check the gas. In addition, we must be especially careful at roundabouts, the approach in which there is less oil stains.

If, despite these recommendations, not to select drive a motorcycle in winter, you should know that the bike before storing in the garage should be thoroughly cleaned, drain the battery must be disconnected to fill the tank, and lubricate the chain a number of operations of a good mechanic or able to explain in more detail, may in some web reading motorcycle.