The experts made a facial patched regularly with an expert, in addition to keeping your skin clean, will return muscle tone, freshness and youth. These cleanups consist of the following steps:

* Cleaning. Neatly sanitized first face with a cleanser that can remove traces of makeup, impurities and dead cells.

* Scrub. The peel helps fight acne, regenerate your skin and eliminate acne scars, chicken pox or measles. It consists of applying a substance that opens your pores and impurities deep descaling did not remove the cleanser. The exfoliating product is removed with wet sponges and upward movements that activate the circulation of your skin.

* Extract. The purpose of this step is to remove impurities. To this end, a small incision in each outbreak and squeezed to remove the infection. Thus, gradually will improve the appearance of your skin.

* High Frequency. The high frequency is used to cauterize, close pores, bacterizar and oxygenate the skin. Is to apply, with a special high frequency, soft touch on the face, without causing any irritation or burning. This device is used on a special mesh that covers the face and neck.

* Mask. Then apply a mask to dry and eliminate outbreaks. Let it stand for several minutes and then rinsed.

* Screen Protector. Finally, a lotion to prevent acne, it seals the skin to be protected all day against environmental bacteria and sunlight.

This lotion should continue to apply every day at home.